Cubana An-158 by Jose Liburd

(HAVANA) – Cubana de Aviacion was ordered by government aviation regulators to ground its AN-158 fleet, effective 03 May 2018 due to recurring problems with the aircraft which affected safety. The Certificate of Airworthiness for the said aircraft was revoked as a result.

Cubana de Aviacion operated six AN-158s, which suffered from a series of mechanical failures and flight problems, as well as issues related to structural flaws. The aircraft were repeatedly grounded due to maintenance and lack of spare parts.

Only one AN-158 was operating as of April 2018.

The Antonov An-148 is a regional jet designed and built by Antonov of Ukraine. Until 2017, it was also built by Russia’s Voronezh Aircraft Production Association. Development of the aircraft was started in the 1990s, and its maiden flight took place on 17 December 2004. The aircraft completed its certification programme on 26 February 2007. The An-158 has a maximum range of 2,100–4,400 km (1,100–2,400 nmi; 1,300–2,700 mi) and is able to carry 68–85 passengers, depending on the configuration.

The Antonov An-158 is a stretched fuselage version of the aircraft, accommodating up to 100 passengers.

Following a crash in February 2018, which is still under investigation, all An-148 and An-158 in Russia were grounded by the Russian Ministry of Transport.

Per Aviacion en Cuba:


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